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ADECOSE, playing a key role

in the Spanish insurance sector

ADECOSE plays a key role in the sector by being a direct representative that deals with the authorities, the insurance companies, the associations within the sector, or political parties, in order to publicize initiatives that must be implemented within the sector.

The main objective is to have an influence on major legislative issues that will affect the sector, from the outset. This means maintaining constant contact with national and European regulators.


We take decisive action with political groups so that our proposals are taken into account, regarding a lot of the regulations related to the insurance sector in Spain. To this end, we keep in touch with the representatives of the political parties on a regular basis, especially those members of the Economic and Business Committee of the Congress of Deputies and the Senate.


ADECOSE occupies a privileged position for analysing the sector's regulations, as it is a member of the Insurance and Pension Funds Advisory Board. This is a body that advises the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness on matters that affect the organisation, supervision and solvency of private insurance, pension plans and funds, and the mediation of private insurance.

ADECOSE on the international stage

Our Association does excellent work at a European and international level, the highlight of which was the election of the Association’s representative of the International Department, Juan Ramón Plá, to be vicepresident of the European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries (BIPAR). We also maintain an active presence in the Insurance and Reinsurance Interest Group, representing BIPAR.


One of the objectives of the Association is to participate actively in the regulations that are set by European institutions, in order to ensure that they are as appropriate as possible for the interests of the sector. To this end, ADECOSE participates in the Presidency and the Committee of Directors of BIPAR (European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries), as well as the Insurance and Reinsurance Interest Group of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA).


In an increasingly globalised environment, it is strategically valuable for our members to have an international network available to them, so that they can access professional contacts abroad: BIPAR (European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries), COPAPROSE (Pan-American Confederation of Insurance Producers) and the WFII (World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries).

ADECOSE is the benchmark for insurance mediation in international matters

Juan Ramón Plá, our treasurer, holds the presidency of the European federation BIPAR and is the only Spanish member of the Insurance and Reinsurance Group of the European Insurance Authority (EIOPA).

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