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We promote and participate in initiatives in the insurance sector

We are committed to innovation

EIAC Standard

EIAC is a standard for the exchange of information between insurers and brokers. It standardizes all communications between insurers and brokers and improves productivity and competitiveness. This system has significant advantages:

  • It provides greater efficiency by reducing time frames and costs and improving the quality of service.
  • It guarantees the reliability of the information shared between brokers and insurers.
  • It allows the business figures of each broker to be made available in real time.

CIMA Project

It would not be possible to have the EIAC standard without the CIMA Connectivity and Services Platform. This basic platform accelerates the implementation of the standard, by being aware of the real context for its use, verifying the quality of the information exchanged and ensuring compliance with its formats and rules of use.

We promote the ‘Broker’s Guide to Processing Customer Data’

Guide to Good Practice: “Principles on the processing of policyholder data related to policies from insurance companies that are arranged by the broker” provides a basis for guidance on the processing of policyholder data by insurance companies.

Most insurance companies have adhered to this Guide, the objective of which is to make the relationship between both parties transparent and trustworthy, always maintaining the standards of the broker for their client.

We develop agreements that are unique in this market

Conditions Forms

These collaboration agreements are negotiated exclusively by ADECOSE with insurance companies that represent 90% of the premiums brokered by their members. They are part of the contracts that govern the relationship between the two parties, which are freely agreed upon by the insurance companies and brokers, as required by the insurance distribution regulations.

The Conditions Forms allow insurers and associated brokers who voluntarily subscribe to them to establish some basic principles of action within a framework of trust and legal certainty. Among their other achievements, these contracts establish a unique approach to the change of mediating position in relation to such a controversial issue.

Agreement with more than 60 insurance companies.

Increased legal certainty.

Approach to the change of mediating position.

Adaptation to distribution regulations.

Claims Guides

The Guide to Good Practice in Claims Management, prepared by ADECOSE, establishes a list of obligations for the Association’s insurance companies and brokers. 

This guide suggests that it is obligatory for both parties to comply with certain rules of structure, operation and information when managing claims, with the sole purpose of offering the best service to customers.