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We organise events throughout the year

Here at ADECOSE, we run a variety of events in order to present, explain and debate current issues that are relevant to the entire insurance sector. Our organisation’s calendar of activities includes training sessions, forums, lunches and dinners with different organizations.

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Hotel Hesperia
Hotel Hesperia
Hotel Hesperia
May and October
In Zalacaín Restaurant

ADECOSE Barometer

Date: February / Location: Hotel Hesperia

The ADECOSE Barometer is a study carried out by ADECOSE that evaluates the level of satisfaction of the professionals who work for ADECOSE’s associate brokers, in relation to multiple aspects of the relationship with the firms.

This Barometer is the only study within the Spanish insurance sector that measures these characteristics, making it a benchmark within this market.

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Star Awards

Date: April / Location: Hotel Hesperia

Our ADECOSE STARS are awarded annually to the firms that have obtained the best results in the ADECOSE Barometer.

These awards are an initiative that aims to reward firms’ commitment to quality and excellence. They were intended to stand the test of time and become a mark of prestige for the organisations that receive them.

The Association presents the ADECOSE Star awards to the winning firms in three different categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze Star

Awarded to the firm that obtains the best rating in each of the branches of activity.

Silver Star

Awarded to those firms that obtain a rating of more than 7 for Global Service.

Gold Star

Awarded to firms that earn a rating that is higher than 7 for Global Service, and that adhere to our initiatives.

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Forums and lunches

Date: May and October / Location: Hotel Hesperia

The ADECOSE Forums are held twice a year, bringing together important players in the sector to discuss topics that are relevant and interesting, both for members and partner firms.

Alongside the Forums and other activities, lunches are organized, so that members and partners can encourage commercial contact.

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ADECOSE Barometer

A prestigious report that is a benchmark within the insurance market. Take a look at the results and conclusions of the most recent report.

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Annual Dinner

Date: May / Location: IN ZALACAÍN Restaurant

The Annual ADECOSE Dinner is a time for exchange. It offers the opportunity for the main players in the insurance world to interact in a relaxed, fun and professional atmosphere.

It is attended by public and private organisations, the DGFSP [Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds], the management of the main insurance companies, as well as the most representative organisations from the sector. This meeting has around 450 attendees each year, making it a leading event within the sector in Spain.

In addition, it is at this gala that the annual ADECOSE Prize is presented, honouring those companies, organisations or people who have made a difference in public life.

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