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Why become a member of ADECOSE?

Our associate brokers can enjoy great benefits

Documentation and reports

We prepare guides, reports, agreements and practical legal documents that are of interest to our members, including our Letters of Conditions.

Internal services

We keep in touch with our members to resolve queries and provide information on legislative updates and court rulings.

Institutional relationships

We get involved in discussions with national and European regulators in order to influence legislation from the outset.


We are invested in internal and external communication, so that we can keep our members informed about the latest developments in the insurance sector.


We offer a Management Development Programme to the professionals employed by our associate brokers. It covers a variety of subjects that are designed to help with their performance in management positions.

Outside services

We provide customer service, money laundering prevention services and mandatory training in insurance mediation.

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Requirements for becoming

a member of ADECOSE



Comply with the requirements of the legal standards in force for carrying out the activity.

Preparation of a brief

The member Firm must prepare a brief for the Association, designating the person who would represent it for all practical purposes.


Possess the necessary infrastructure to allow them to carry out their activity freely and independently.

Minimum experience

The Broker or its representative is required to have a minimum of THREE YEARS’ professional experience.


Pay the admission fee established by the Board of Directors.


Agree to comply with the Association's Code of Conduct.

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    Download our statutes

    ADECOSE Statutes (PDF)