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Code of Conduct

(Approved by the Board of Directors 11th April, 2007)

Freedom and independence are fundamental principles that must be assumed by every member broker of ADECOSE.

The founding values of the association, which are fully in force today, are: objectivity, ethical practises, transparency, and quality service for the customer.

These principles and founding values are embodied in the following obligations:

1. - To perform professional and adequate risk analysis so as to allow us to recommend the best possible insurance cover and products for our clients.

2. - To inform the client of their rights and obligations regarding the insurance policies contracted by professional mediation.

3. - To assist the customer regarding any right derived from subscribing to any insurance policy, particularly with regard to processing claims.

4. - To respect at all times the terms and directives set by the customer.

5. - To uphold professional secrecy.

6. - To promote amicable solutions in the case of discrepancies between customers and the insurance entity.

7. - To assume the commitment of adequately training staff, both of our own company and collaborators and therefore to offer an added value service of quality.

8. - To maintain ethical practises in professional activity with customers, policyholders and suppliers.

9. - To provide customers and insurers with clear, precise and honest information at all times regarding any modifications that we have knowledge of, whenever these modifications have repercussions on their contractual relationship.

10. - To promote transparency in their relationship with both customers and insurers.


Every Adecose associate agrees to expressly adhere to this code of conduct and commits to upholding it at all times.